The Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross

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The Power of the Cross unpacks what gives the gospel power to transform...There is no transformation of our souls without the application of the cross to our lives. This book will lead you to that power.—Barry Wissler, president, HarvestNET International

From the author of Heaven on Earth and The Kingdom at War comes a carefully worded and researched yet easy-to-read exploration of the cross and its global impact on humanity. Simple yet foundational truths buttressed by scripture spill over from every page in a conversation between the reader and author Alan Vincent. The engaging stories make learning about this most important of topics fun for believers of all ages and walks of life.

Christ’s crucifixion loosed a power more than two thousand years ago that is still working today—if we rise up in faith and believe, turn from sin and condemnation, and live joyously in God’s promised freedom and favor. Disease and poverty must bow before the power of the covenant forged in the shed blood of Jesus.

Too many churches have abandoned the preaching of the cross. But with Vincent’s inspirational look at this earth-changing event, you’ll grow in faith and be forever changed!